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The World is Doomed – Interview with a Pastor with a crack-rehab centre shaped like Noah’s Arc Sargento Isidorio is an evangelical pastor and a politician. Once a corrupt gay policeman who reveled in sex and drugs it all stopped when he found God. He then opened a massive rehab center for crackheads in the shape of Noah’s Arc with a huge florescent ‘Jesus’ sign while also kitted out with a fine swimming pool and other gizmos. The rehab houses over 900 addicts but uses contentious methods. The press generally refer to Isidorio as ‘the nutcase deputy” but his rescue numbers are the highest in the region. He lives in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. I interviewed him over the phone. These are his words: “I decided it was better to be a nuthead than a robber. I come from a poor family and grew up in a favela in Salvador. After I joined the police in 1981, I began going out a lot, drinking and getting involved with the wrong crowd. You start with a few beers here and there and without realizing it you start hitting the cacha├ža 51 (popular local spirit) and anything that comes your way. I started behaving pretty sordidly; sleeping with men, smoking crack, losing my dignity. The devil got into me. Dictating what I would do in the evenings. To earn money on the side, I abused my authority as a policeman and even had a whole kidnapping thing going on. It was a steady earner. But the trick was to not get cops involved or killed…to try and keep it as clean as possible. No killing, but tormenting people into giving you all their money. My own brother stayed in that world. He’ll forever be a vagabond and a bandit, a black sheep that lacks strength of character. You can ask anyone you like but I have never visited him in prison. The police never discovered my real identity. It was only when I gave myself to God that I exposed all my ills. It was God who laid down the path to righteousness and liberated me from all the addiction and sodomy. Today I live with my wife and kids in the Doctor Jesus Foundation Center that I opened 19 years ago. We help all kinds of people rid themselves of addictions. And it’s free! Aside from working as a state deputy, I’m pretty much here all the time…on Xmas day, during Carnival, Saturdays and Sundays… because if it wasn’t for God I’d be dead. That’s the truth and I’m here to make that difference. People say you can fight drugs using other drugs, saying that that’s compassionate. But how immoral is it to give out clean pipes and clean syringes so that the addicts continue abusing! The righteous path is facing the truth. Only truth can rid you of the polyps of self-abasement. You can’t present people roses without telling them of the thorns they may face along the way. And that’s what we do. Jesus walked for 40 days and 40 nights to face his destiny. Here we do it for 10 days, max. We force people to refrain from consuming anything apart from the occasional glass of water. Some people do it for more than 10 days. I ask them to pray and seek help from Jesus. Doctor Jesus. There is no other way to cast the devil away. But it is a choice. It is too easy to blame demons. “Oh It wasn’t me it was the Devil. I rob and smoke cos Im a demon.” No you let yourself entered the Devil’s kingdom and let the snakes prostitute your life away. Addiction isn’t the Devil. Too much freedom is given to the weak. Too much freedom has our youth disrespecting parents and essential morals. People have to start taking responsibility and knowing their limits. Not allowing God into your life is your own choice. Nowadays families are all deconstructed and torn away from God. Cheating on your wife is commonly accepted, men sleep with their daughters behind closed doors, while an entire nation is hooked on soap operas on Globo TV that are basically prostitution schools for the masses. And yes the state’s also to blame. Brazil today has 2 million crack addicts and no ministry that takes public security seriously. We have an un-federalized police force that is easily corruptible. Corrupt coronels and corrupt politicians that give us false ideals that unsettle the natural order: women marrying women, men with boys, spiders with spiders. If you mess with nature, you mess with God. Things are going to get worse. Already the alarm bells are ringing. We have failed God. Hark the origins of the prophecies. Prepare for earthquakes, wars, cyclones, tsunamis, illnesses, cancer and aids. I can assure you that everything that was written in the good Bible will take place. But we won’t see the clouds opening with Jesus smiling with open arms. No, humanity will vanish. The final judgment will come. And only the good lambs will enter the palatial mansions of heaven. The rest…the rest will cinder in the fires of hell on earth.”

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INTERVIEW WITH MARCOLA (most probably false)


“Are you of the PCC?

More than this, I am a sign of these times. I am poor and invisible. You have never looked at me for decades and formerly it was easy to solve the problem of misery. The diagnosis was obvious; rural migration, unbalanced rent, few slums, discrete peripheries; the solution would never come up… What did they do?, nothing. Some time did the Federal Government reserve certain budget for us? We were news only in case of slums collapsed in the mountains or of romantic music about “beauty of those mountains at dawn”, things like that… Now we are rich with the multinational of the drug. And you are dying of fear. We are the late beginning of your social conscience. Did you see? I am a learned person. I read Dante Alighieri in prison…

But the solution would be…

Is there a solution? No solution, brother. Even the idea of a “solution” is a mistake. Did you see the size of those 560 slums in Rio? Did you go in helicopter over the periphery of Sao Paulo? A solution, how? A solution could only be with many millions of dollars spent in an organized way, with a ruler of high level, economic growth, revolution in education, general urbanization, and all should be under the direction of an “illustrious tyranny” that could jump over the secular bureaucratic paralysis and over the accomplice Legislative Power. Or do you believe that bloodsuckers ( sanguessugas ) are not going to act? I you get careless they are going to rob even the PCC. And over the Judicial Power that impedes punishments. It should there be a radical reformation of the penal procedure of the country, it should there be communication and intelligence between municipal, provincial and federal police (we make even “conference calls” among convicts…). And all this would cost billions of dollars and imply a deep psychosocial change in the political structure of the country. That is to say, it is impossible. There is no solution.

Don't you fear to die?

It is you who fear to die, not we. Or rather, here you cannot enter prison and kill me, but I can send people to kill you over there outside. We are men-bombs. There are one hundred thousand men-bombs. We are in the center of what is beyond solution. You are between good and evil and, in the middle, the boundary of death, the only boundary. We are already a new “species”; we are already bugs; we are different from you. Death is to you a Christian drama in a bed by heart attack. Dead is to us daily food, thrown to a common grave. Don't you intellectuals speak of class war, of being marginal or of being heroes? Then, it is we who arrive! Ha-ha, haw-haw!… I read a lot; I have read three thousand books; and I read Dante Alighieri, but my soldiers are strange anomalies in the distorted development of this country. No more proletarians or unhappy or exploited individuals. There is a third thing growing over there outside, cultivated in the mud, educated on the most absolute illiteracy, graduated in prisons, like a monster Alien hidden in corners of the city. A new language has emerged. Don't you listen at recordings made “with license” from justice? It is this. It is other lingo. It is in front of some kind of post-misery. It is that. This post-misery begets a new murderous culture assisted by technology, satellites, cellular telephones, Internet and modern weapons. It is shit with chips and megabytes. My commands are a mutation of the social species. They are mushrooms of a big dirty mistake.

What has changed in peripheries?

“Dough”. Now we have it. Do you think that he who has 40 million dollars, like Beira Mar, does not give orders? A prison becomes a hotel or an office if you have 40 million dollars available… What police will burn that gold-mine? Do you understand? We are a modern and wealthy company. If the official hesitates, he is fired and “put in the microwave oven”. You are the bankrupt state overpowered by incompetent people. We have agile management methods. You are slow and bureaucratic. We fight in our own field. You fight in a strange land. We do not fear death. You die of fear. We are well armed. You have caliber 38. We are at the attack. We are cruel and merciless. You have transformed us into “super-stars” of the crime. You are own clowns. We are assisted by the population of slums, for fear or for love. You are hated. You are regional, provincial. Our weapons and products come from outside and are “global”. We do not forget you; you are our “clients”. You forget us once violence produced by us is over.

But, what must we do?

I'll give you an idea, although it is against me. Catch the “lords of the white powder” (cocaine)! There are deputies, senators, generals, even former presidents of Paraguay in the traffic of cocaine and weapons. But, who is going to do so?, the army, with what money? They have no money even to feed recruits. The country is bankrupt sustaining a dead state with interest of 20 % a year, and Lula still increases public expenses by giving employment to forty thousand scoundrels. Shall the army fight the PCC? I am reading Klausewitz' “On War”. No perspective of success. We are like devouring ants hidden in corners. We have antitank missiles. If they bother, some Stinger shall go out: this will be the end of us… only with an atomic bomb on the slums. Did you think of it? A radioactive Ipanema?
You can get some success if you give up defending the “normality”. There is no normality. You need to make self-criticism of your own incompetence. But you have to be honest seriously as for moral. We all are in the center of what is beyond solution. The point is that we only live within it and you have no exit. You have only shit. And we are already working within it. You must understand me, brother: there is no solution. Do you know why?: because you neither understand the extension of the problem. As the divine Dante Alighieri wrote: “Lose every hope. We all are in hell”.